G700 Tactical Flashlight Review

The G700 tactical flashlight review continues to be positive for the most part. Made by LumiTact, this unit is known as the “toughest flashlight” on the market today. In fact, it is widely utilized by military personnel all over the world. It is also made from the same durable aluminum used to build aircraft. From Google and Amazon to Facebook, most users have left stellar reviews for this product based on durability and ease of use. However, they have also praised the product for its longevity as compared to other leading brands on the market.

We will cover some of the pros and cons associated with this popular and sturdy tactical flashlight. In fact, here are some of the key points if planning to purchase this item online or at your local hardware — electronic stores.

Is the G700 Flashlight All That?

The G700 series far surpasses other brands in terms of brightness. In fact, its luminosity is known to scare away attackers or animals on-site. This is due to its bright LED components, which secure a circle of light when turned on. This is far better than conventional flashlights which have much dimmer glows. This product is also classified as military-grade. This means it has passed stringent requirements and testing in both the military and commercial sectors. Here are some more benefits of the G700 unit:

• A truly bright flashlight that is designed to last for months and years to come.
• Perfect for brownouts, blackouts, camping, fishing, or simply searching for items in basements — attics — and crawlspaces.
• This product is endorsed by the military, as well as firefighters, police officers, and camping — hunting groups.
• The base price for this product is said to be at $225.00 retail. However, you can easily find the G700 series online for $56 with FREE SHIPPING as well.

How Does the LumiTact G700 Flashlight Operate?

The G700 flashlight has a lighting capacity of 700 lumens (more info on how many lumens you need). In fact, this is what separates this brand from other competitors. It also has the innovative flashlight technologies — and the ability to stay on longer without losing energy. You also get give pre-set modes for optimal convenience and settings. This includes high, along with medium, low, SOS (distress signal), and strobe. LumiTact also stands by the brand’s promise of being virtually indestructible. In fact, stringent product tests had the light being dropped from several stories and remaining intact.

This is due to its aircraft aluminum-grade body it possesses. Still, there have been instances where the flashlight has briefly cracked due to mishaps or accidents. With this mind, can the brand still be considered aircraft aluminum indestructible? It simply depends on whether the unit was manufactured with a defect — or if there was enough forces to break its components. For the most part, the flashlight has been praised for its durability, strength, reliability and especially illumination.

What About Battery Capacity?

One of the great aspects of the G700 is its battery life (or the X700 tactical flashlight). While the unit does need two AA batteries, it does consume lower amount of energy than other brands. This means you do not have to continuously swap out batteries every few weeks or months. The battery-saving capacity is made possible by the flashlights enhanced and cutting-edge technology features. This means you get true illumination for each and every use — without worrying about battery life or other common mishaps.

For military purposes, there is a beveled edge in case of confrontation. This means your flashlight can also be used a self-defense mechanism should the need arise. However, please do not go around and start hitting people just because you have a “formidable” flashlight. Remember, this is still a flashlight and should be used for lighting and illumination purposes at all times.

This includes checking under the hood of your car or when blackouts and power outages occur. You will no longer have to rely on candles or multiple flashlights to help you find items during those emergencies. The battery is said to be waterproof — but that is not an official claim and only based on what some customers are saying.

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The G700 Verdict

In a nutshell, the G700 tactical flashlight review has been overwhelmingly positive thus far. Perhaps the only real cons are the overpriced units at some hardware and electronics store. Again, you can find this — and other related flashlights — online for a fraction of the price. Most sites even offer free shipping on single or bulk orders so take advantage of that. For more information on the G700 flashlight series, simply check the Web to access more industry reviews and customer testimonials. These will surely help you make a worthwhile and informed buying decision.

Another option is to visit local stores and try the G700 series out yourself. This is perhaps the best way to review the product up close – and see if it meets your needs.