Why Should You Buy A Tactical Flashlight?

Have you ever asked questions about why should you buy a tactical flashlight? If so, you will be interested in what some people have to say about that subject. Did you know that it is possible to increase the effectiveness of a concealed handgun as a self-defense tool just by adding a light where it is needed?

This is not any ordinary light since they are built to accommodate the needs of law enforcement and military personnel. These specially constructed tools are built tough enough to be perfect for use in emergency and combat situations. Researchers have proven that the majority of armed attacks take place in low light. That means having a good flashlight handy at all times increases the effectiveness of your self-defense plans.


Illuminate The Dark

Would be attackers take advantage of darkness to conceal their actions and identity. When you take this advantage away from them with the full effects of such a light, the light becomes a deterrent. By keeping a good light on you at all times, and using it to illuminate dark places like under cars and around corners, you take away the surprise element that attackers need for success.

It is not necessary or recommended to keep a light turned on all the time since attackers will then aim their attack at the light. Instead, scan the area briefly and then turn it back off until you need to see more clearly again. This confuses attackers and your eyes continue to be adapted to low levels of light which helps you.


Add Light While Using Your Handgun

Any time you draw a handgun, it is important that you are 100% certain what it is that you are firing at. If you are unsure of your surroundings or the exact location of your target, do not pull the trigger. When using a hand held light along with your handgun, hold it in your non-dominant hand. Use it to illuminate the target as well as the gun’s sights.

Deter Potential Attackers

Having a light handy when you are unarmed can also be effective in deterring attackers. Just shine the light into the attacker’s eyes to momentarily blind or disorient them. For greater effectiveness and brightness, choose one that has a minimum of 120 lumens. You can find them with 500 or more if you look. Once the attacker cannot see, you can use groin and leg kicks for defense or to disable them.

These lights are rugged and can be used as a weapon also. Their tough construction makes them sturdy enough to remain intact even after being used to smack someone over the head, body or fingers of someone that wants to harm you. During highly stressful situations, you need a hand held light that is easy to grip and lightweight. The best ones have a bezel that adds to its striking power, so look for one like that.

Summing Up

A tactical flashlight is one that is a breeze to use as a self-defense weapon in addition to being useful during power outage emergencies. If you carry, you’ll need a light to discourage threats and improve you aim in the dark.

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