Who Uses Tactical Flashlights?

We all know and love the ubiquitous flashlight. It comes in handy when you’re searching for something at night, or if you need to traverse an area without streetlights. While modern smart phones double as flashlights in a pinch, they aren’t half as powerful as LED flashlights, much less tactical ones.

What is a tactical flashlight?

Who uses tactical flashlights? What are they exactly (and why should you care)? Tactical flashlights are enhanced versions of ordinary flashlights. They are designed for the military and the police, hence the term tactical. They are often made up of a strong metal, like airplane-grade aluminum. This provides them with a superior level of toughness and makes them a potent self-defense tool.

Tactical flashlights are smaller than conventional flashlights, making them easier to carry. Some of them are designed to be mounted on weapons, while others can be carried in your hand. Most of them emit a great deal more light than regular flashlights, despite their small size.

Like we mentioned before, there are two kinds of flashlights: weapon-mounted and handheld. Who uses tactical flashlights that are weapon-mounted? The weapon-mounted lights, as you can imagine, are meant for specialized use. Handheld ones, on the other hand, can be used by anyone:

  • Weapon-mounted flashlights: They are often used by the police, security personnel, S.W.A.T. teams, and the army. You’ll see weapon-mounted flashlights on rifles, shotguns, and submachine guns. They are more expensive than handheld tactical flashlights because they have to be specially mounted on the gun, without affecting its balance adversely. They are not as easy to maneuver as handheld lights — you have to lift and point a heavy gun every single time you use the light.
  • Handheld lights: Handheld lights have shot up in popularity recently. They can be used by everyone, including civilians. They are an integral part of most EDC (Every Day Carry) kits. Being tougher than regular flashlights, you don’t have to baby them. They are convenient to carry and can be fit into your front pocket along with your phone and keys. They can come in handy during emergencies.

Some specific flashlights to check out:

  1. Hybeam
  2. TC1200

You’ll often see tactical flashlights being used by people:

  • Who are interested in self-defense: Tactical flashlights, because they are made up of metal, make for excellent weapons. Some people carry them because they want the security of knowing they have a weapon ready if they need it.
  • Who are into outdoor activities: Tactical flashlights can be used by hikers or trekkers. They can be gripped tightly and don’t break easily, making them better than flimsy plastic lights. Most of them are strong enough to allow you to break emergency glass.
  • Who want to dissuade attackers: If you shine a light in someone’s eyes, it disorients them. Some people carry tactical flashlights so they can dissuade and disorient an attacker before he (or she) attacks them.

Tactical flashlights are popular with self-defense proponents and adventurous people. They make for a good investment and are a useful tool to have on hand in all kinds of situations.